What law does not understand about public participation

A research article by Otelemate Ibim Dokubo, Maria Alina Radulescu, & Lorenzo Squintani

In our paper, we delve into the vital role of public participation in the development and implementation of energy projects and climate policies. We analyze three major regulatory approaches: the Aarhus Convention, the EscazĂș Agreement, and Impact and Benefits Agreements, comparing their effectiveness in incorporating social science insights on public participation. Our findings highlight the challenges and potential improvements needed to bridge the gap between legal frameworks and effective public engagement.
This research is particularly important as it addresses the intersection of law and social sciences, aiming to enhance the effectiveness of public participation in environmental decision-making processes.
Citation: Dokubo, O. I., Radulescu, M. A., & Squintani, L. (2024). What law does not understand about public participation. Heliyon, 10(11), e32001. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.heliyon.2024.e32001

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