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The Public Participation Center offers a platform for citizens, governments, businesses and organisations, fellow researchers, and everyone else interested in public participation practices.




Welcome! - To the Public Participation Center

  • What role can citizens play in decisions about sustainable transitions?
  • How can the public participate in abstract societal topics in a meaningful way?
  • What are the inhibitors and enables of effective public participation?
  • How to facilitate a dialogue between industries, governments, organisations, and citizens about sustainable transitions?

Our society faces multiple challenges, including climate change, migration crisis, and geopolitical conflicts. Effective decision-making is needed to tackle these challenges and enable sustainable transitions. Engaging the public in decision-making could potentially lead to more democratic and better transitions that are supported widely in society. The question is how to effectively engage citizens in decision-making on sustainable transitions.  

Researchers from University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences have established a knowledge center addressing the challenges and opportunities of public participation. By combining the strengths of every faculty and every discipline, the Public Participation Center wishes to advance the study of public participation and to apply knowledge in practice to foster sustainable transitions.’


The Public Participation Center brings together experts from different disciplines. Each one of them has their own focus which helps to strengthen and diversify the scientific community. Get to know the members of the Participation Center!


To inspire others and to share new knowledge, research, and innovations we host various events. You will find the events on this page.

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The Public Participation Center is always looking for new input and inspiration! Are you working or otherwise actively engaged with public participation in sustainable transitions? Are you interested in developing or applying state-of-the-art knowledge on public participation, citizen and stakeholder engagement? Then sign up below, and we will contact you about becoming a member of the Public Participation Center!


Latest news

30 May 2023

Public Participation Center takes off with symposium and website

On May 30, 2023 the Wubbo Ockels School and the Public Participation Center , in collaboration with New Energy Coalition organised the symposium ‘Citizen Assemblies’ in the House of Connections.
12 June 2023

Community Events in Groningen about CCUS

What do communities think about Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS)? How can their perceptions be included in policy around CCUS? How does Groningen differ from other European locations when it comes to underground storage or conversion of CO2?

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