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Upcoming events
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Past events
30 May 2023
  /  30 May 2023
Start: 13:00 hour
  /  End: 17:00 hour

Symposium: Citizen Assemblies

The Wubbo Ockels School and The Public Participation Centre, in collaboration with New Energy Coalition are organising a Symposium about Citizen Assemblies.
29 September 2023
  /  29 September 2023
Start: 09:30 hour
  /  End: 15:00 hour

GCLES 16-year Anniversary Conference

The Groningen Centre for Energy Law and Sustainability (GCELS) organizes the GCELS 16-Year Anniversary Conference, which will be held on 29 September 2023, between 09.30 and 15.00, at the Oosterpoort in Groningen.
27 November 2023
  /  27 November 2023
Start: 14:00 hour
  /  End: 17:00 hour

Symposium Digital Participation

A vast majority of citizens across Europe participate digitally in public discourse through free apps offered by big tech firms such as Meta. In this symposium, we invite you to discuss what defines successful digital participation.
28 November 2023
  /  29 November 2023
Start: 12:00 hour
  /  End: 18:00 hour

BEHAVE 2023: 7th European Conference on Behaviour Change and Energy Efficiency

Behave 2023, the 7th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency by the European Energy Network (EnR), the network of European energy agencies will take place in Maastricht, the Netherlands, on 28th and 29th November 2023.
1 March 2024
Start: 15:00 hour
  /  End: 17:00 hour

Workshop on “Fake news en klimaatverandering”

Fianne Sarchosakis, MA student in Media Studies (RUG), and Marc Esteve del Valle, Assistant Professor in Media Studies (RUG) and coordinator of the climate disinformation section at Learntocheck, will deliver a workshop on “Fake news and klimaatverandering”
28 March 2024
Start: 13:30 hour
  /  End: 16:30 hour

Citizens’ Council Symposium for Northern Netherlands

You are cordially invited to the Citizens’ Council Symposium for Northern Netherlands. An interactive afternoon in which we will discuss citizen forums in detail from science and practice with the help of various top speakers.
16 April 2024
Start: 14:15 hour
  /  End: 17:15 hour

Energy Transition Research Event with Wubbo Ockels School and New Energy Coalition

On Tuesday 16 April, the Wubbo Ockels School for Energy and Climate at the University of Groningen and New Energy Coalition are organising a research event for employees of both organisations. A chance to meet colleagues and initiate new collaborations.
7 May 2024
Start: 14:30 hour
  /  End: 15:30 hour


Goda Perlaviciute is giving a lecture about public participation in decision-making on energy, in particular in what ways people want to be involved in decision-making on energy and how that affects their acceptability of the decision-making and its outcomes.
27 May 2024
  /  31 May 2024
Start: 08:00 hour
  /  End: 17:00 hour

Summer School: Public Participation in Sustainable Transitions on Energy Island Ameland

This summer school adopts an interdisciplinary approach and challenges participants to explore different aspects regarding community engagement and citizen empowerment in relation to the energy transition on Ameland Island.
14 June 2024
Start: 13:00 hour
  /  End: 16:30 hour

Symposium Inclusion in participation

The University of Groningen will organize a symposium on 14 June 2024 on Inclusion in partipation. Practical examples and reasearch findings related to this topic will be shared during this event.

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